Sending postcards is a tradition dating back nearly 200 years. They are snapshots into people’s lives, whether begrudgingly written to elderly relatives or from soulmates separated by continents, and are as varied and emotive as the cards themselves.

Postcards come in all shapes, colours and sizes, with a vast range of artistic messages and meanings; from landscapes and architecture of domestic or foreign lands, through to abstract, or deep and meaningful.

With 15 years experience in health, social care and the voluntary sector we have a range of experiences of working with people from all sorts of backgrounds, facing all sorts of challenges.

“When I first started working in a hospice, I was asked to bring a postcard to my first supervision. This postcard had to reflect what I was feeling. It showed my feelings of anticipation, including fear and excitement. I used two more during my time there at significant points of reflection, each time thinking about how postcards could be used elsewhere. It struck me how useful they could be to channel or stimulate conversation in so many different settings, for all sorts of different people.”

Dave, CardStarters Founder